Our events
Every year, FABA organizes different events, and in particular :

• Informal networking events : FABA members and more generally contacts within the FABA network have showed a real interest for informal events allowing them to exchange with colleagues and prospects;

• Conferences: participation has always been important for FABA’s conferences. FABA members show great interest for specific subject explained by speakers who share their experience. For each conference, FABA includes one speaker who provides a perspective from the U.S. on the subject matter. Some conferences qualify for CLE;

• Events for students, new graduates and young lawyers: FABA’s team is convinced that the new generation of lawyers must be informed on the reality of the legal market, the constraints of the profession and its great opportunities. FABA also promotes programs for law students in France and in the U.S. To this end, FABA organizes, together with French and/or American universities and/or student associations, events for the young generation to exchange with FABA members.
Date Titre Localisation Détail
31/12/2017 Evènement test - réservé aux membres/ payant Paris
31/12/2017 Evènement test - ouvert à tous payant Paris
31/12/2017 Evènement test - réservé aux membres/ gratuit Paris
19/12/2017 FABApéro - 19 décembre 2017 Paris
23/11/2017 Dîner annuel de Thanksgiving - 23 novembre 2017 Paris
16/11/2017 FABA/ Conférence "Sanctions internationales: enjeu Paris
17/10/2017 FABAPERO: mardi 17 octobre à 19h au Bar de l'hôtel Paris
25/09/2017 Conférence "Fashion Law and Innovation" Paris
04/07/2017 Independence Day 2017 Paris
30/05/2017 FABApéro - mai 2017 Paris
16/05/2017 Formation continue "La conformité américaine et fr Paris
28/03/2017 FABApéro - mars 2017 Paris
31/01/2017 FABApéro - janvier 2017 Paris
24/11/2016 Dîner annuel de Thanksgiving - 2016 Paris
13/10/2016 Conférence "Negotiating Commercial Contrats with F
20/09/2016 Formation "Enlèvement d'enfants et déplacement ill Paris
04/07/2016 Independence Day 2016 Paris
03/07/2016 Independence Day Evening Paris
31/05/2016 Evènement de networking Paris
07/04/2016 Conférence sur la réforme du droit des contrats Paris
19/01/2016 Atelier "Qualité de vie au travail" Paris